Growth of the Pease family and Austin

Elizabeth Whitlow of Texas History Research Services has compiled a brief history of Enfield in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary of the original plat of the neighborhood.

Carrie Pease, who married George Graham, died young, and her children, Richard Niles and Carrie Margaret, were reared by their Aunt Julie at Woodlawn.  As young adults, Niles entered business selling “Lands” since the family owned property in other parts of Texas as well as Austin.  Margaret, as she was called, married Austin business man Paul Crusemann.  Niles married Anita Goeth of Austin. As Austin grew, streets west of Ruiz (now Lamar, but only as far as W. 12th St.) and up nearby hills were populated with Victorian and Edwardian era homes.  Woodlawn had been connected to town for years by a horse and buggy trail across Shoal Creek.  A short stretch of Windsor Ave. appeared first in the Austin City Directory in 1895.

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